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Nata-Info is the first Russian manufacturer of mobile video frames that are unique in their technical and functional capabilities.

Full-Color Video Screen
(Moscow, Mobile Video Frame, July 2014)

Мобильный информационный комплекс
(Москва, декабрь 2006 г.)

Mobile Video Frame
(Ufa, May 2002)

Mobile Video Frame
(Yoshkar-Ola, May 2000)

Mobile Video Frame
(Khanty-Mansiysk, March 2000)

Mobile Video Frame
(Krasnoyarsk, August 1997)


Mobile video frame is a full-color display installed on a vehicle chassis, has a special room for servicing in which there is an autonomous power supply and television mini-studio.

Mobile video frame may be in two states: transportable and operating. Video display unfolding (i.e. making it from transportable state to operating one) takes about 30 minutes.

Mobile video frame can be provided with acoustic systems.


Displaying of numerals, messages, graphics and live video during sports and entertaining outdoor events.


The capability of transportation, unfolding efficiency and capacity for work in the wide range of temperature enable us to use the mobile video frame for servicing any performances in any places and practically under any climate conditions.

Such high-quality video systems enable us to equip several places simultaneously.

And as a result of it, there occurs the opportunity of financing distribution among several interested companies while buying the product.

Wide experience of NATA's mobile video frames exploitation in Krasnoyarsky Region and Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous Region convinced us of this method's advantages and the perspective future for our video frames.


Nowadays the company Nata-Info produces mobile video frames with video display of two sizes - 3x4m and 6x8m.

Technical data and delivery set of the equipment are individual for every mobile video frame and they are specified to the customer's request.

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