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Media cube. Universal video screens for sports arenas.

The project "Media cube" was worked out especially for the World Hockey Championship in St.Petersburg in 2000.


Indoor sports events and shows.


- live video

- computer graphics and animation

- real time sources mixing

- game timer

- score

- period

- penalties

- team names

- messages in static and "moving signs" modes


Mediacube is a truncated octagonal pyramid on each side of which LED video screen is located. All 8 screens (4 video screens and 4 information-graphic screens) are fixed on a single hard-framing. 4 video screens are used for video, and 4 information and graphics screens are used for showing the current information about the hockey game.

Transitional frames are installed on the hard-framing that is made of square tubes. Mounting structure for fastening the LED screens modules are attached to the transitional frames. The possibility of removal of any single module is constructively provided.

At the bottom of the hard-framing some beams are provided for fastening additional outboard equipment (acoustic systems, lighting equipment, etc.).

The design of the media cube provides space for placing power eqipment and switching equipment.

Mechanized suspension system based on synchronized chain hoists are designed to provide opportunities for technical services, as well as adjusting the height of the suspension. Media cube is hung with the rigid mount. The number of mounting points - no less than four.

Interior lighting is provided inside the media cube.

Maim Technical Data:

Overall dimensions10 000 х 10 000 х 4 700 mm
Weight9 000 kg
Maximum power consumption52 kW
Power supply~380V, 50Hz
Operating temperature-10°C...+40°С
Indicator formatRGB,3 in 1
Pixel pitch10 mm
Resolution384 х 320
Screen size3 840 х 3 200 mm
Screen area12.288 m2
Maximum brightness2 400 cd/m2
Possible colors250
View angle
InterfaceDVI-D + RS485
Indicator formatRGB,3 in 1
Pixel pitch16 mm
Resolution128 х 160
Screen size2 560 х 3 200 mm
Screen area8.2 m2
Maximum brightness2 400 cd/m2
View angle
Output text format17 lines by 21 characters per line,
the height of characters is 140 mm

Installation places:

  • Оmsk, МSC "Arena-Omsk", 2007.
  • Ufa, Universal Sports Arena "Ufa-Arena", 2007.
  • Chelyabinsk, Ice Arena "Tractor", 2008.

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