NATA 7358  Weather Displays 


Displays enable to display climate data - Ambient Temperature (AT), Air Pressure (AP), Real Time. One display consists of one or several information terminals, one control device and sensors block.

Information Modules:

"NATA 7358 C"

Real time displaying.

"NATA 7358 T"

Ambient temperature displaying.

"NATA 7358 P"

Air pressure displaying.

Main Technical Data:

Indicator typeLED indicator
Dimming capability6 levels of brightness control
Viewing angle: 
Character height800 mm
AC Power supply~220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 1%
Power consumption900 W
Overall dimensions3 000 x 1 000 x 140 mm
Weight55 kg
Data Transmission InterfaceRS485
Max distance from
Display to Control Device
1200 m
Baud rate57 600 bit/sec.
Network protocolNiBUS
MTBF (mean time between failures)10 000 hours
Operating environment-40°C...+40°C,
to 98% with +25°C,
air pressure
from 84 to 106,7 kPa
(630...800 mm)

Additional Information:

Main difference from the model "NATA 7351" is:

- enlarged digits' size

- no relative humidity terminal

Conjunctive dimensions of single NATA 7358's terminal (all modifications)

User adjustable parameters:

- brightness

- color ( for two-color displays)

- interval between temperature/pressure displaying (for models with combined fields)


This complex uses "master-slave" architecture. Control device with sensors block is located at any place and it is connected with outdoor "slave" displays.

Control Device

Control device is a complete autonomous thermo-stabilized device, which collects and broadcasts climatic data.

Technical Data of Control Device:

Overall dimensions185 x 155 x 81.5 mm
Weight2 kg
Operating environment-40°C...+40°C,
to 98% with +25°C,
air pressure
from 84 to 106,7 kPa
(630...800 mm)
AC Power supply~220V, 50 Hz
Max power consumption10 W
Real time clock accuracy±2 min./month
Remote firmware updatingyes

Sensors Block

Power supply for sensor block is taken directly from control device via the information cable.

Technical Data of Sensors Block:

Input voltage, DC Power supply+5V
Ambient temperature range-40°C..+85°C
Ambient temperature accuracy±2°C
Air pressure range15...115 kPa
(112,5...862,7 mm)
Air pressure accuracy1,5%
CableUTP level 5, 4 pairs
Cable length "Sensors block-to-Control device"7 m

Delivery Set:

Information display- 1 pc.
Control Device- 1 pc.
Sensors block- 1 pc.
Communication equipment- 1 pc.
User's manual- 1 set

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