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Our company has begun to produce new video modules m12 with pixel pitch 12.3 mm. Thus realization of strategic program of forming the complete video modules' range for video screens (indoor and outdoor) is continued.

The module m12 is the first one of the future line of video modules (for indoor use) with the highest resolution. Nata-Info is going to produce video modules with pixel pitch 10 mm and less. It would help our company to become one of the leading manufactures of indoor video displays.

Module assembling without pixel pitch breaking.

Automatic addressing mode: all modules can be exchanged without modification and are totally enclosed; the address of each module is automatically assigned.

Modular system of the video display allows the realization of any size required. Modules of this type can be orientated in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Module m12.RGB/72x120

Technical Data of the Module:

Modelm12.RGB/72x120 indoor
LED typeNECM 325 C
Producer of LEDsNICHIA (Japan)
Module size (resolution), height x width72 х 120
Pixel pitch12,3 mm
Image size, height x width885 х 1475 мм
Image area1,3 m2
Brightness (peak white)up to 2 000 cd/m2
Overall dimensions885 х 1475 х 120 mm
Weight42 kg
Power supply220V, 50 Hz
Maxumum power consumption1 200 W
Average power consumption600 W
Viewing angle: 

Video Displays Module Scheme

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