NАТА Combats  Multi-purpose solution for combat sports 


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Displaying text information, graphics and animation, video images in sports and concert events in indoor sports arenas.


- combat time

- hold time (OSAEKOMI)

- score

- penalties

- weight class

- competitor names

- text in static and moving sign mode


- duration of countdown and game time

- duration and tone of sounds

- font, color, size and location of output inscriptions

Technical Data:

Rezolutionno less than 800х600
Power supply~220V, 50Hz
Maximum power consuption100 W
Color of lightfull color

Delivery Set:

LCD TV- 2 pc.
Connective cables- 1 set
Software (CD)- 1 set
Control panels- 1 set
SioLynx (transceiver)- 1 pc.
User's Manual- 1 set

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For GCC and Middle East country: Mr. Ahmed Ismail Habona, UAE
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