NATA 0021  Goal signal lights  



NАТА 0021 goal lights are designed to indicate the game status and a goal being scored in ice hockey games.

The green goal light is controlled by the control PC; the red goal light is controlled by the goal judge’s panel.

The goal judge turns on the red light manually once a goal has been scored.

There is a cable reel provided in the goal lights construction (max cable length 25 m).

The goal lights are equipped with rollers to facilitate their transporting.

Adjustable parameters:

- red light active time


- red light lockout when a play is stopped

- goal lights functional test when a play is stopped

- red light switch on during penalty shots (shootout) when a play is stopped


- Control PC, goal judge’s panel

- interface - RS485

- there is a LED indicator on the front side of the judge’s panel front side that indicates

- power and I/O interface activity

Delivery Set:

- goal light - 2 pcs

- software on CD - 1 set

- goal judge’s panel - 2 pcs

- connecting cable - 1 set

- technical documentation - 1 set

Technical Data:

Overall dimensions, max1750 х 670 х 505 mm
Weight, max13 kg
Power consumption5 + 2 х Рlamp, W
Power~220V, 50Hz
IndicatorFeron ESB7-22W-6400K lamp
Communications protocolNiBUS
Installation methodfloor-standing
Рlamp - lamp power

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