Indoor Multi-Purpose LED Display "NATA 1980"  


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Installation Place: Satpaev (Kazakhstan), Ice Arena, March 2006.

General Information:

Displaying of alpha-numeric information, graphics, animation and live video at sporting events, concerts, TV shows.

The display consists of 2 parts: alpha-numeric display and video screen.

The arena's name can be placed in the upper side of the display.


- general information (team names, points, timer, period, penalties etc.)

- live video

- computer graphics and animation

- static and dynamic effects

- messages in static and "moving signs" modes


The alpha-numeric display and video screen are controlled from two control PC iPentium IV

Microsoft Windows 2000/XP

Main Technical Data:

General Technical Data of Display:
Overall dimensions3.95 х 10.75 х 0.4 m
Power consumption25 kW
Power supply~380V, 50 Hz
Weight1 950 kg
Operating environment-30°C...+40°C
Technical Data of the Video Display:
IndicatorSMD LED
Pixel pitch20 mm
Resolution192 х 320 pixels
Screen Size3 840 х 6 400 mm
Viewing Angle: 
Display refresh rate300 Hz
Brightness (peak white)4000 cd/m2
Possible Colorsover 16 million
Input signal formatPC, Y/C, CVBS, RGB
InterfaceDVI-D + RS485
Technical Data of the alpha-numeric display:
Symbols height 
        points890 mm
        team names200 mm
        others390 mm
Team names12 symbols per team

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