Outdoor Multi-Purpose Display 


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This display was developed and produced for the V European Cup of Race Walking 2003. It was mounted at the Central Arena in Tcheboksary.

The display consists of 2 parts: graphical filed and video screen. Both parts have a modular structure. The arena's name is placed in the upper side of the display. There's an advertising panel under the graphical filed.


- live video

- computer graphics and animation

- static and dynamic effects

- messages in static and "moving signs" modes


The graphical field and video screen are controlled from two control PC. Data transmission is realized via the fiber optic cable.

Main Technical Data:

Technical Data of the Video Display:
IndicatorLight Emitting Diode
Pixel pitch26,7 mm
Resolution168 x 240 pixels
Screen Size4480 x 6400 mm
Viewing Angle: 
Display refresh rate300 Hz
Brightness (peak white)6500 cd/m2
Possible Colorsover 16 million
LED working life100 000 hours
LED brightness recession for 100 000 hours50%
Maximum power consumption21 kW
Technical Data of the Graphical Part:
IndicatorLight Emitting Diode
Brightness7200 cd/m2
Pixel Pitch26,7 mm
Resolution120 x 288 pixels
Screen Size3200 x 7680 mm
LED working life100 000 hours
Maximum power consumption18 kW

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