NATA 267/36.RG  Outdoor Multi-Purpose Display 



The display consists of modules.

In the upper side of the display there's a banner with the arena's name. There's a service room inside the display.

Different display assembly solutions are possible. In particular, placing separate characters for displaying score, period and game timer; message lines for displaying teams' names; three-position advertising prism-vision panels.


- computer graphics and animation

- static and dynamic effects

- messages in static, scrolling and "moving signs" modes


PC iPentium IV. OS - Microsoft Windows 2000/XP.

Addtional Features:

- Joining with the automatic timing system of ALGE-timing Co. is possible.

- The algorithm of automatic brightness adjustment is realized.

Technical Data:

Brightness6 500 cd/m2 *
Pixel pitch26.7 mm **
Resolution144 x 288 pixels ***
Active area3 840 x 7 680 mm
Lifetime of LEDs100 000 hours
Text format12 lines x 32 characters per a line
Character height270 mm
Power supply~380/220 V, 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption21 kW
Overall dimensions5 000 x 9 000 x 1000 mm
Weight3 500 kg
Operating temperature-40°C...+40°C
Humidityto 90%
Run duration12 hours
* - is determined by the quantity and type of the used LEDs;
** - different pixel pitch is possible;
*** - the video display consists of modules; arbitrary video display resolutions are possible.

Delivery Set:

LED Display- 1 pc.
PC iPentium IV- 1 pc.
Software- 1 set
Connective cables- 1 set
Switchboard- 1 pc
Spares- 1 set
User's manual- 1 set

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