NATA 500.1  Mobile Video Frame 


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NATA 500.1 was produced under the special order of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region Administration for the Biathlon Cup-Final held in Khanty-Mansiysk, in March 2000.


- live video

- computer graphics and animation

- static and dynamic effects

- messages in static, scrolling and "moving signs" modes

Main Functional Systems:

- autonomous power supply system

- spatial leveling system

- video display unfold system

- control system

- air conditioning system

Main Differences from "NATA 500":

- using the LED clusters with enhanced viewing angle

- pixel pitch is reduced

- video display resolution is enhanced

- new screen unfold kinematical system is worked out to provide better frame protection in the transportation

- brightness adjustment is enhanced

- color depth is enhanced for every color

Technical Data:

IndicatorLED cluster
Resolution (height/width)128 x 176 pixels
Total quantity of pixels22 528
Pixel density1 024 per m2
Pixel pitch31.25 mm
Screen size4 000 x 5 500 mm
Screen area22 m2
Text format14 lines x 29characters per line
(red - uR, green - pG, blue - B)
uR-640, pG-525, B-470
Color depth1024
(after gamma-correction)
Possible colorsover 16 million
Viewing angle: 
Maximum brightness9 000 cd/m2
Brightness adjustment15
Viewing angle15-300 m
Display refresh rate100
Lifetime of LEDs100 000 hours
Overall dimensions: 
        video display4 500 x 6 000 mm
        mobile video frame
          (in transportable state)
3 960 x 6 500 x 2 500 mm
Weight4 000 kg
Maximum power consumption24 kW
Average power consumption of video display16 kW
Noise level72 dB
Run duration16 hours per a day
Operating environment for video display,
humidity 95%,
pressure from 84 to 106,7 kPa
(630...800 mm)
Operating temperature
for control system
Control systemPC Pentium III
Input signal source4 composite (CVBS)
+ 1(S-video)
+CD-ROM, sound
Input signal formatY/C, CVBS-PAL, DVD
Lifetime of video display15 years
Power supply ~380/220V, 50 Hz
diesel generator 30 kW)
Video display unfold driving gearhydraulic

Delivery set:

Mobile Video Frame:
Chassis- 1
Trailer with video display unfold hydro system- 1
Diesel generator 30 kW- 1
Air conditioning system- 1
Commutation system- 1
Control System:
Control PC, pc.- 1
TV-set 14", pc.- 1
Videotape recorder, pc.- 1
Video camera, pc.- 1
Mixer, pc.- 1
Software, set- 1
Communication accessories, set- 1
User's manual, set- 1

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