NATA 7205  Indoor Clock-Thermometer 


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Displaying of the real time and ambient temperature. The user sets algorithm of information displaying.


- real time

- ambient temperature

- automatic switching over summer time to winter time and vice versa

- lower power inputs

- beeper

Parameters to Set:

- duration of time and temperature displaying

- mode of beeper sound

- brightness


Buttons on the clock case.

Additional Information

The following modifications of the clock are produced:

- NATA 7205.1 - the model without the thermometer;

- NATA 7205.2 - the model that enables to combine several units into one network; PC can be connected.

Technical Data:

ModelNATA 7205
NATA 7205.1 clockNATA 7205.2
network model
 Featuresreal time
real timereal time, temperature;
networking mode
with one master and
multiple slave devices
 Range of temperature
-55°C : +99°--55°C : +99°C
 Accuracy of temperature
 Character height100 mm
 Brightness4 levels
 Viewing angle160°
 Power supply~220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 1% via
the external AC 220V/12V
 Reserve power supply:
lithium element CR2032 3V
3 years
 Power consumption:
    with min. brightness
    with max. brightness
3.5 W
7.5 W
 power output
0.1 W
 Accuracy movement±1 sec./day
    external power
    supply unit
2,5 kg

0,5 kg
 Overall dimensions
 of the scoreboard
460 x 160 x 30 mm
 Installationwall mounting
 Lifetime20 years
 Ambient conditions+5°C...+40°C,
humidity to 98% with +25°C,
pressure from 84 to 106,7 kPa
(630...800 mm)

Delivery set:

Electronic scoreboard "NATA 7205"- 1 pc.
AC adapter ~220V/=12V- 1 pc.
Temperature sensor with connective cable (except NATA 7205.1)- 1 pc.
User's Manual- 1 set

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