Offer for Weather Information Displaying 


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Model for climatic data displaying.

This display has been designed to demonstrate real time and basic climatic data:

- air temperature

- pressure

- humidity

There's a possibility of additional panels placed for radiation level and the wind's speed displaying.

Various types of display has been designed within the framework of the given project. These types differ in the following parameters:

- functionalities (amount of the displayed information)

- height of digits

- installation type:

        roof mount

        wall mount

        column mount

- assembly solution:



The distinctive feature of this "Weather Station" is that it can be used for advertising.

Moving message line can be included into the display to show advertisements and announcements in static and "moving signs" modes.

Several displays may be connected into one network to encrease the advertising efficiency.

On the display there's the special-purpose panel for advertiser's logo placing.

Visual contact frequency of the potencial target audience with the advertisements on the "Weather Station" is much higher, than in usual billboards, because of unvoluntary interest of people to real climatic data.

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