Outdoor Multi-Purpose Display 


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The aim of Nata's specialists was to achieve all the accessible area of the display (of size 20x10m) existing at the stadium before.

The Display consists of several parts:

- video screen (high resolution)

- information part(enables to display score, period, team names and real time)

- arena's name

- advertising panel

Distinctive Features:

- score and period are made as graphic fields providing better characters plotting

- built-in clock with hands for real time displaying may be replaced by electronic clock that looks like clock with hands

- To achieve the visual effect of filling all the display's active area the following means were used: decorative frames and coloring the display's parts in different colors

Advertising panels can be made in two variants:

- three-sided prism-vision panels (for short-term usage)

- panels with vinyl applique work (for long-term usage)

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