NATA 420.RGY/32x112 ("SYKTYVKAR")  Advertising-informational Stele 


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The stele consists of several separate units assembled on one column.

Delivery Set of One Unit:

- graphical screen;

- electronic clock - thermometer "NATA 7109";

- lightbox "Arena's name".

Graphical screen with resolution of 32 x 112 pixels enables to display numerals, text and graphics.

Electronic clock-thermometer is a separate unit. Clock service is realized from the front side of it. Service mode is "master\slave". Master clock ("NATA 7205.2"),with temperature sensor is located indoor and it is connected with the slave clock on the stele via the connective cable.

The sequence and duration of real time and ambient temperature is customized by the user.

Red and green LEDs are used in graphical screen; red and yellow LEDs are used in clock-thermometer.

Arena's name is made of volumetric characters with internal illumination. The characters are made of plastic KOEMATEX. Characters' front side is made of acrylic resin and it's covered with vinyl INTERCOAT.


- computer graphics and animation

- messages

- real time

- air temperature


Combined Control:

- graphical screen is controlled from the single PC iPentium

- electronic clock-thermometer "NATA 7109" is controlled by the master clock "NATA 7205.2"


- CPU - Pentium II 450MHz or above

- RAM - 64 Mb (recommended - 128 Mb or above)

- HDD 2 Gb

- Display Graphics card, 800 x 600, Hi-Color (recommended - 1024 x 768, True-Color)


- Microsoft Windows NT 4.0

- Service Pack 3.0 or above

- Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or above

- COMCTL32.DLL version 4.71 or above

- DirectX Media Runtime

Main Technical Data:

Overall dimensions of the system11 600 x 5 200 x 600 mm
Weight2 000 kg
Power supply~380/220 V, 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption6.0 kW
Operating environment-40°C...+40°C, humudity to 90% with +25° pressure from 84 to 106,7 kPa (630...800 mm)
Graphical screen
Pixel pitch42 mm
Resolution32 x 112 pixels
Active area1 328 x 4 688 mm
Colour depth 
        for every colour64
        total4 096
Text displaying format4 lines per 18 characters
Character height300 mm
Maximum power consumption5 kW
Power supply~380/220 V, 50 Hz
Overall dimensions of the screen1 370 x 4 730 x 600 mm
ControlPC iPentium
Electronic clock-thermometer "NATA 7109" (slave)
Electronic clock-thermometer "NATA 7205.2" (master)
Lightbox "ARENA'S NAME"
Performancevolumetric characters with
internal illumination
Character height450, 1000 mm
Power supply~220 V, 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption500 W

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