Video board "NATA 16/5" 


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"Video Board"


Displaying text information, graphics and animation, video images in sports and concert events in indoor sports arenas.


Functionally video board is a full-color LED video screen which is collected from standard video modules.

Structurally, a modular design consists of two supporting frames composed of 3 video modules, housing and fixing mounts.

The design is equipped with wheels with brakes for easy transportation and protection of players from damage in collisions with video boards.

A serial connection of any number of sections of six video modules is allowed.


- messages in static and "moving signs" modes

- computer graphics and animation in static and dynamic

- live video

- static and dynamic effects

Additional information:

- synchronous displaying of information in several zones

- displaying of information in several zones as the only video screen

Technical Data:

Model NАТА 16/5 NАТА 16/6 NАТА 16/7,5
Indicator formatRGB,3 in 1
Pitch16 mm
Resolution400 х 40480 х 40400 х 60
Image size6 400 х 640 mm7 680 х 640 mm6 400 х 960 mm
Image area4.10 m24.92 m26.14 m2
Brightness (peak white)3 000 cd/m2
Adjusting brightness0 - 100%
Horizontal viewing angle115°
Vertical viewing angle115°
Input signal formatCVBS, S-VHS (Y/C), DVI, SDI
Possible colors250
Display refresh rate300 Hz
Frame rate60 - 75
InterfaceDVI-D + RS485
Overall dimensions6 510 х 800 х 484 mm7 850 х 980 х 475 mm6 465 х 1 090 х 555 mm
Overall weight250 kg220 kg295 kg
Maximum power consumption2,5 kW2,7 kW3,5 kW
Power supply~380V, 50Hz
Operating temperature-40°C ... +40°С

"NАТА 16/5" scheme

"NАТА 16/6" scheme

"NАТА 16/7,5" scheme

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